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More publicity for the birth center and the midwife-directed primary maternity care model

Photo of a pregnant mother at the birth center from the Star Tribune Article

The Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) was featured in a nice article on the front page of Minneapolis Star Tribune on July 15.  I was still in Ukraine on a musical/medical mission trip the day the story ran.  Maura Lerner, the reporter, very accurately described what we are all about.  She especially communicated the unique nature of a comprehensive nearby safety net for mothers and babies if complications occur.   The publicity is really helpful and we anticipate a TV story on us in the near future.

Photo of Steve from Star Tribune Article

We intend for the MBC practice in our free-standing birth center to demonstrate the high value of this new model of care.  Inspired by Michael Porter at Harvard we define health care value as: quality of care plus maternal satisfaction divided by the cost of care.   We know that we can provide consistent and significantly higher value care to the majority of mothers.

We are now at 4 births and counting for the MBC.  All four mothers have accomplished vaginal deliveries – three in our house at 2606 Chicago Ave.  Despite the best efforts of her motivated mom, baby number four wasn’t coming out without help, so a gentle transfer to the hospital across the street was arranged.  With the assistance of Meredith, one of our OB MD colleagues, a healthy baby was born vaginally.   Since they have privileges at the hospital our CNMs were able to provide real continuity of care for the mother and baby.