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Collaboration on the Maternity Care Team

The increasing success of the Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) is directly dependent on excellent professional collaboration.  This April, just three years after starting in Minneapolis, we opened our new St. Paul site.  Check it out at   When MBC mothers need hospital care our certified nurse midwives collaborate closely with inpatient provider colleagues (nurses and physicians) at the two hospitals near our centers.  The nine CNMs on the MBC team have the unique dual skill set of support for out of hospital birth while also having the ability to care for mothers in the hospital.  Continuity of care is the ideal for a maternity care team.

Allina Health is a non-profit hospital system where I worked for two decades before this MBC adventure.   Excellent care is provided to mothers and babies within Allina hospitals.  Recently, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota partnered with Allina to build Mother Baby Centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  This safety net is ideal for the MBC commitment to CNM-directed primary maternity care.  The specifics of professional collaboration are of great interest to others who want to provide MBC-like care in their communities.  Later this week at the American Association of Birth Centers national meeting in Scottsdale AZ I will be on a panel that addresses this issue.  Information regarding the panel and how to access a live feed are available here.



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