Steve Calvin M.D. on pregnancy care, health care reform, and innovation

Where Does it Hurt? – A great and insightful read.

Jonathan Bush, co-founder and CEO of athenahealth has written a book that you must read:

Where Does it Hurt?: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care  is available in print and as an e-book.  I  have been a fan of Bush’s approach to health care for awhile and I couldn’t put the book down.  I gave it to some friends and colleagues at the Minnesota Birth Center and they are enjoying it too.

Full disclosure – we use athenahealth as our cloud-based EHR, billing, scheduling, and patient communication platform.  It is a key component in our efforts to reform and improve pregnancy and newborn care.  Bush and others started their journey in healthcare with a failed attempt at birth centers in California.  The timing wasn’t good.   It is now. This book will give you some insights into what drives us in pushing ahead with the BirthBundleTM.

What is the Product?

By some accounts nearly a trillion dollars of healthcare spending is wasted in the US every year.  As an observer of the system since starting medical school 38 years ago I am convinced that those numbers are accurate.  Inefficient and unnecessary … [Continue reading]

Insight from my sister (and Doc Searls)

My sister DeVon once told me, "Health care is just a high tech service industry".   She is right.  Unfortunately most of our pregnancy care system is a medical/industrial model that does customer service very poorly and at outrageous cost.  … [Continue reading]

Has paying for your pregnancy left you with a bundle of bills? Next time try the BirthBundleTM.

Pregnancy is a big enough physical and emotional challenge for mothers (and to a much lesser extent fathers) without the additional complications of how to choose, arrange, and pay for care.   It is difficult to decide on the various options for … [Continue reading]

Catching Babies?

Attending birth is a better description than "catching babies".   Attendance denotes invitation catching suggests trespass, pursuit, and even violence.   Who is this about anyway? The baby catcher or the one … [Continue reading]