Steve Calvin M.D. on pregnancy care, health care reform, and innovation

A short video that is well worth watching

Neel Shah is a very smart young OB/GYN who really understands the issues.  Take a look at this video:

Neel and his colleagues at are doing some great research on maternity and newborn care models and their design.  He will likely be studying what we are up to here at the Minnesota Birth Center.  Stay tuned.

Collaboration on the Maternity Care Team

The increasing success of the Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) is directly dependent on excellent professional collaboration.  This April, just three years after starting in Minneapolis, we opened our new St. Paul site.  Check it out at … [Continue reading]

The discomfort of birth is no laughing matter.

My wife Cindy describes the discomfort of labor as "pain with a purpose".    Dealing with that pain is one of the biggest challenges that mothers face at the end of pregnancy.  Many mothers think that the only pain management options are the two … [Continue reading]

Is non-profit status essential for healthcare organizations?

A young attorney colleague and I co-wrote a commentary in the January 4, 2014 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  In it we constructively critique the virtual non-profit healthcare monopoly that we have in … [Continue reading]

Single Episode Payment for Pregnancy Care: A Bundle of Joy or a Problem?

Things have been very busy at the Minnesota Birth Center.  The gestation of a better maternity and newborn care system continues and things are going well.   I am always happy to talk about this topic and next Wednesday (11/12) I will be part of a … [Continue reading]